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Become an International Behaviour Therapist (IBT)

The international behaviour therapist (IBT) certification from the international behaviour analyst organization (IBAO) is an entry level certification for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the behaviour analysis field. IBT’s practice ABA in therapy centres, client homes, schools, and community settings. The vast majority of IBT’s work with people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders. IBT’s are frontline therapists who provide direct service to clients and work under supervision of a competent supervisor.

The pathway to becoming an IBT are:

· Successfully complete a 40-hour training course from an IBAO approved content


· Successfully Complete 300 hours of supervised practice.

· Successfully Complete candidate skills testing.

· Successfully Complete 4 hours of continuing education credits.

· Pass the IBT online exam.

For more information about the IBT credential, please visit

Advantages to becoming an IBT:

· Attaining an international certification in the rapidly growing field of ABA.

· Enhancing your self-confidence as a competent practitioner in the field.

· Increasing your earning potential as IBT certificant’s are in high demand.

· International recognition as a professional practitioner in the field of ABA.

Features of the IBT 40-day course being conducted at Sitaray:

· Facilitated by Dr. Adnan khan (BCBA/IBA) who has doctoral level qualifications in ABA

with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

· The entire course is delivered onsite.

· Engaging course materials along with IBT workbook and other resources.

· The opportunity to meet and train along with like-minded peers.

· The course is conducted over two weekends allowing working professionals to easily

attend the course.

To reserve your seat, please visit

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