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Online Class

Telehealth, also known as teletherapy or telemedicine, has become an increasingly important and accessible mode of service delivery for individuals with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

 Our telehealth services are provided by a specialist therapy team who are trained in providing intervention and support in an online setting. We presently provide telehealth services to clients in the Middle East, Europe and southeast Asia.


Here are some key components of our Telehealth service:


  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Our telehealth programme begins with an assessment. We use standardized diagnostic and developmental tools for assessment purposes.


  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA): Our virtual therapists provide ABA-based therapy, both, discrete trial training (DTT) and naturalistic teaching are adapted for telehealth. 

  • Speech Therapy: Our Speech therapists provide virtual therapy sessions to work on speech and language goals, including articulation, communication, and social communication skills.

  • Occupational Therapy: Our Occupational therapists offer teletherapy to address fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, and support with daily living activities. 

  • Parent Training: We conduct parent training and coaching via telehealth to teach caregivers how to implement strategies and interventions at home.


  • Visual Supports: We often use visual supports which are shared through telehealth to help individuals with autism understand routines and expectations.


  • Behavioral Support: Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA): Our Behavior analysts conduct FBAs remotely by collaborating with caregivers and using video observations to understand challenging behaviors.


  • Counseling Services: We provide counseling and emotional support to individuals with autism and their families, addressing anxiety, depression, and coping strategies.

  • Remote Collaboration: Our telehealth team meets virtually to coordinate services and ensure a holistic approach to support.

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